Welcome to Optimal Health Inc.

About Optimal Health Inc.

    Is a family owned and operated health & wellness center that has been serving the community of Tulsa for over two decades. The goal of  our business is to preserve the health and the beauty of our clients, and  treat its pain and discomfort when it happens, by using various bodywork  modalities. Our treatments are safe and effective, can be applied to  everyone (with few  contraindication),  men or women, people with or without health issues .

  COMPLEMENTARY  ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE,     including therapeutic massage and exercise, helpful in the  process of recovering the injured muscles and skeletal imbalances,  stimulate circulation and immune system, without the use of medication.

How does it work?

         The concept is based on the fact that when the body is  physically and mentally overworked, acidic levels of products can   accumulate, causing soreness, stiffness and even muscle spasms. Tense  muscle may compress blood vessels and stretch nerves, restricting blood  flow and cause pain. Massage in general improves blood and lymph  circulation and brings fresh oxygen and other nutrients to the affected  tissue, thus enhancing recovery. As the affected area is massaged, the  muscle gradually release their strangle hold on the irritated nerves,  and the pain ease. In addition, massage has been shown to increase the  body' s production of pain-killing endorphins and the mood-altering hormone serotonin. It can also decrease the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  For this reason, massage is often prescribed as an adjunctive therapy  for people whose immune system are compromised by stress.

   HEALTH & FITNESS, including diet and exercise, a comprehensive weight loss program,  designed to keep your mind and your body healthy and productive.

Why does it work?   


        It does not matter how you call your diet. At the end of the day  it is all about the nutrients we consumed. Inside the body, the weight  is gained or lost in the same way. You can lose or gain muscle mass by  manipulating the glycogen level, or you can lose or gain fat mass by  losing or adding glycerol and  fatty acids. The difference is how you  coordinate the diet & exercise program in order to achieve your  goals. Our weight loss program comes with concrete measurements of your  body fat and requires weekly visits. It is based on the concept that  most people consume to much carbohydrates and the body has to store them  somewhere. It does it with the help of insulin, by filling up the  glycogen storage in the liver and muscles which is okay ,or by packing  them in the triglycerides in the form of glycerol and fatty acids, which  is not okay. So by manipulating the amount of carbohydrates in your  diet (lower them or adding them) and the combination with aerobic or  anaerobic exercise could be the success.


SPA & WELLNESS,    including hand and foot massage and reflexology, a rejuvenating hand and foot care for man and women.  


What can you expect?


      One way to relieve the discomfort that your feet and hands have to  endure during everyday stress is through reflexology and deep tissue  massage.  In this method the therapist uses the fingers to stimulate  points on the foot or hands that corresponds to a map of the body. This  reflex point stimulation is believed to improve the health of the head ,  liver, joints, back , or other spots that are mapped on the foot or  hand. 


 EDUCATIONAL, featuring Romanian Gymnastics School

Why take gymnastics?

      In Europe all preschool children take gymnastics because it is the  basics for all sports. It helps them develop self -esteem and perform at  levels that exceed their known limits. It also increases the  development of various motor and sensory areas such as: coordination,  spatial awareness, balance, tracking, agility and poise. This program is  not recreational. The classes are small, pacing the student through  proper progression and training. It is designed to build strength,  flexibility and individual apparatus skills and also to consider an  initial selection for a possible career in the sport of gymnastics.

     Our services are covered by most  medical insurances. If  you were involved in a sports/auto/work accident and seek therapy, you can call us directly for treatment or referral .

       We also make home calls and hotel calls for clients with limited mobility.
        We offer corporate chair massage  packages to companies that are  looking to promote wellness in their work place, which can help their  employees relax and prevent repetitive injuries.