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About Us

  ADRIAN  BUTUC,   Board certified massage therapist

                         ,, I have been doing massages for over 20 years and I am still amazed of its benefits. I have found that the power of massage is one of the most effective and instinctive healing forces.''
                      Adrian graduated from National Academy of Physical Education, Romania , 1991. As a student, he learned  about the ,,culture of athletic training'' from his Eastern European professors and coaches, whose athletes had dominated the world' sports for decades. They all agreed that performance not only comes from the physical training itself, but from physiological and psychological recovery as well. Besides hard work, sleeping, and the nutrition for sustaining the effort , the body needs some form of  therapy to link them all. The concept brought together three main procedures: massage, which is the stimulation of blood flow by rubbing and stroking the skin, energy  balancing, which uses pressure to release any blockages in the channels, and therapeutic manipulation of the inert tissue to correct misalignments of the musculo-skeletal system.

  LUMINITA DOBREA,  gymnastics & pilates instructor

                    Former Romanian Beam Champion, Lumi brings a wealth of experience to the youth of American gymnasts. ,,Gymnastics was my life. I grew up with it. Not only it has taught me the skills, but how to work hard , be disciplined and value things in life".
                  Lumi graduated from National College of Athletic Trainers, Romania, 1998. As a gymnastics coach she had personally trained students in both, Romania and USA to exceed their potential levels. Besides her own business , Lumi is involved with Jenks Gymnastics Program where she does the private lessons for optional levels and ballet classes.
                 As a pilates instructor, Lumi has developed a comprehensive mat work-out system for losing weight, sculpting lean and reshaping your body. 

  MARTHA LORD, certified yoga teacher

               We are very proud to have Martha in our team. With over 650 hours of teaching experience, Martha is a real asset for those who love yoga. ,, I teach yoga for real people. This includes those who are not flexible or limber. It is a fantastic journey undertaken with compassion and patience. Yoga is worthwhile self exploration which can lead into a deeper awareness of the whole person and transcending from ego, freedom from suffering and full body awakening beyond your greatest expectations''.
               Marta's method includes the precise instruction at a pace that is appropriate for all levels of yoga, from beginner to experienced. She teaches the purpose of each <Asama> and various modifications to achieve your goals regardless of obstacles, that are opportunities for creativity and exploration.
            In the past years  Martha has traveled  several times to China and observed the yoga masters of China. 

 AMIR AFZAL NAMAVAR, massage technician

           Amir is our sports massage technician. He has trained and worked with us for the last 10 years. He is a former black belt karate and champion of the Iran National team. As a sports masseur, he  also travels around the world with the Iranian Karate National Team.

                                IRENE M, licensed massage therapist

     Irene is our massage technician. She came from Mexico and she is specialized in cupping therapy, a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin, mobilizing blood flow and promoting healing. Today, a lot of Olympic athletes are using cupping therapy, as a form of recovery .


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